Sunday, January 20, 2008

Someday, You'll Want an Entertainment System too...

LCD TV's are all over the place, discounted even. Like the Sky Worth LCD TV which offers up to Php 6,000 off if paid upfront. Now who wouldn't be tempted to buy these giant flat screens?

Another special offer that the salesman told me about is the Sony LCD TV that goes with a free Entertainment system, which costs roughly around 50,000 pesoses. If ever I have the money (already) to buy these wonders, I'd like a major room make over. In Wall Speakers are nice to have and who ever thought that there is such a thing as Bookshelf speakers? Coming home to a bedroom with a huge LCD TV screen and great sounds seem really comforting, haha :)

The shop I visited is SM Appliance Center. A nice place to dream and go to. In the meantime, I'll make do of an S-video cable and PC Speakers. I'm watching the movie Hard Candy tonight :)

Have a good work week!