Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attack of the Show and some thoughts

This week was pretty fast, I can't believe it's already Friday and the days went swooshing by! I always look forward to watching Attack of the Show at the new MAXX channel on cable. They serve everything we need to know about Internet, online gaming, and best of all, gadgets. Yep they make me happy before I snooze. Check out their website

I'm also excited for Friday night and the weekend so I can freshen up my brain and sleep more. I'm thinking pizza, KFC, coke, cake, and tea.

Yet I'm sad because a friend is going back to school and will leave me alone :( I'll surely miss her and the tandem that we have. Why is everybody moving away? Hope I can do it on my own.

We're all growing busy and all we need is support and inspiration.