Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally, Asus Eee PC

Liza, Mama, and Me with the new Asus Eee PC :)

Yup! It's a miracle and a big surprise. My mom bought me an Asus Eee PC today so that I won't feel bad about my sister's new laptop which is so much better than my Acer 4310. Not to mention that my birthday is also coming soon.

The configuration of the new laptop was taking long so we had the chance to talk about Asus Eee PC and she also saw me watching whenever the salesmen take out a demo unit. I told her that it is on reservation basis and there is actually a waiting list. She got excited to try and have the salesman sell us one without reservations or waiting. And there it went, since we bought a new laptop, the salesman agreed that we skip the waiting list and handed us a brand new Asus Eee PC.

Wow, that was fast and the whole time I was calculating how many more paydays till I can afford one. Now I can direct my Eee PC budget to my savings instead. Wee! :)

Liza got Compaq Presario V3000.... wow :p


azrael said...

and me..
got a cheesy oyster cake in my tummy ahahahaha

Liza said...

yehey.. :) apir! :)

adjutant08 said...

congrats on your new lapy tapy

Suzaku Lace said...

thanks man! :)