Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Link of Activities

Sunday is all about relaxing and number one on my list is watching TV yet there seems nothing to watch!

If you have an S-video cable you can enjoy internet TV and watch some quality shows.

Today I was able to watch CNET episodes and you can get them here.

Also, – home of the Attack of the Show and Filter offers video files to watch too like the Feed.

Both websites offer recent episodes. It feels good to watch tech shows on weekends and I learned how easy it is to use

Microsoft Word in publishing blog posts.


And because I'm a noobie with Asus Eee PC, I found a local Eee PC users forum.

Thanks to the Internet I was able to add a desktop view to my Asus in a jiff.

Next mission: get a 3G phone and make it work as a modem for the eee.


Enjoy the rest of the day people! Live, learn, and download.