Monday, August 25, 2008

Harvest from Atis Tree

I love trees and I love our garden, our Atis Tree is now fruit bearing and we have harvested 6-10 Atis fruits so far. It feels special to eat the fruits of your own trees, like they are a miracle and a gift from the earth :)

We also enjoy the fruits of our papaya trees, guyabano, langka, guava, and banana. Thanks be to God and to Mama who is blessed with the talent to grow plants and trees.


philippine concerts and everything said...

I agree, we have trees in our yard, too. My favorite is our avocado, which has no "ugat"( as I call it) like the ones you can buy, and it's so creamy, no need to add milk.=) hmmm.too bad a tree died due to termite-infestation.

Suzaku Lace said...

wow avocado is one of my favorites especially with milk :)

that's a unique tree that you had, avocado fruit that has no veins..