Saturday, September 13, 2008

Buhay Weekend

I love weekends because it's the time I can recuperate and spend loads of time with my family.

Photo of my mom inside our nipa hut garden while sipping Quickly

We can lounge around our nipa hut, take photos, and have fun with barbecue. This afternoon, my mom and I grilled hotdogs in the lanai.

I also prepared a tasty barbecue treat for everyone. Azrael grills with his shirt off which explains the absence of his photo x.x

I like cooking, I wish I can cook everyday for everybody. Tomorrow's breakfast is bacon and eggs because I ran out of hotdogs x.x

If I wake up early, I could prepare fried rice too :)

I wish that everyone is having a great weekend at home too! I am suppose to be in Tagaytay today but I'm saving money for next week so I passed :)


azrael said...

buti wala yung pic ko