Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm Getting Outta Here!

Finally tomorrow is the day I get to fly away to a far far place and be at 300,000 feet above the ground once more. I used to dread flying but this time, I am so eager to get a break and spend ultra-family time.

Have to pack and get ready to hit 2 destinations: Macau and Hongkong, all the time I'll be with my adorable niece Anya :) We will play hidden mickey at Disneyland. Sisters and I are excited to go shopping, my mom will be tagging along with her bestfriend too. I guess everyone will have a happy time!

Also, tomorrow is the Philippine Blog Awards and Suzaku Lace is one of the finalists, weee!

Thank you for misplacing my name up there haha, being included in the finalists is already a pleasure. Thanks very much :)