Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And a BIG welcome for 24!

I've never had a birthday this fun and busy. I told you I'll make the most out of it, even when Azrael kept on bugging me.

I woke up at 11AM and ran to Jollibee to pick up our family lunch feast - 2 buckets of chicken joy and a Red Ribbon Dulce de Leche cake. Even as an adult, our birthdays are not complete without Jollibee! I still have the 7 year old kid in me who celebrated her birthday in Jollibee Guadulupe.

Here's me and Jollibee on my 24th birthday :)

Then, I dressed up and went to another relaxing trip to The Ramp. This is now my favorite shop! ever! I love all the structured dresses, the shiny ruffles, the brands, and the friendly staff. Here, I picked up Azrael's gift for me. Purple detachable ruffles just like the lanvin dress of Rebecca Bloomwood! :)

with RPA & Communicate and Kankan Ramos of

At the front row

And I wore this to the Sassa Fashion Show at Aquaknox. I met the people behind RPA & Communicate, the PR firm handling Sassa and a lot of fashion people. Everyone greeted me a happy birthday and I daydreamed I was having my own party at this posh Vietnamese Resto & Bar.

The fashion show was great, especially in the front row. It really is summer and Sassa gave me my own swimwear. Thank you very much!

my own Sassa! Salamat doc for the sexy back, front shot to follow after some ab crunches! ^^

From morning till the wee hours, my 24th birthday is worth remembering. Yey!


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

Wow what a fabulous birthday! With Jollibee pa! Hope the years ahead will be kind to you. Just take photos on a neat background next time.

suzaku_lace said...

Onga eh, I hate my hair din. I promise never to sweep my bangs on the side again.

Edelweiza said...

i can't do ab sad. kaya if ever magpost ako ng swimsuit sa fashion blog ko, cguro back view din..hehe.nice swimsuit, btw. :)

toxic disco boy said...

nice! me loves the bolero. so shiny! hehe. ;)

Andre said...

Veli Nais!

Just a tip: it's a myth that you can use exercise to burn fat away from a specific bodypart. Also, tummy fat is most usually the last to go.

The fastest way to burn fat is through a proper eating regimen and regular cardio exercises.

Style and Relax said...

hello people!

The "bolero" is a detachable ruffle, nice noh? I got it in purple and grey haha :) Also from The Ramp by Wild Flower.


Onga crunch time talaga! I'll participate in a walkathon, hope that helps :)