Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick and Beatiful + Ipanema Launch

I am terribly sick, maybe because there is so much going on in our calendar and also the crazy weather. Last night on my way to the Ipanema Launch of Gisele Bundchen, I was burning with fever and my eyes were really hot.

In my new Ipanemas by Gisele Bundchen

The food at Le Souffle comforted me though, but the entire evening I was wiping my nose. Still today I am sick and missed one occassion but tomorrow I should be well for my makeover session and photoshoot with Marie, Rissa, and Mica Calica. I love these girls and I won't let them down.

After that, I have confirmed to go to a tea party for a makeup line somewhere in Makati. Then go home and eat my mama's wonderful dinner.

With Francisco Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO

The Ipanema Launch had a different fashion show and it starred Ballet Philippines wearing the sandals. The lighting was also perfect as I looked decent despite of fever and flu. I went home with my own Ipanema Sandals (it should be for Mama but it was size 8) and another pair for Yeyey in size 5. I promised Mama to get her a pair soon.

Anyway, I'll be writing more about the Ipanema Launch at Style and Relax. I have yet to convert and watermark my photos :D I also need to follow up on some discussions, I should get back to work after my long trip somewhere out there.