Monday, May 25, 2009

Privacy and Plurking

Do you remember the time when plurk did not exist yet? I do. I had so much free time and had no urge to plurk every single minute. No one forced me to join plurk or to plurk everything but it's just how it works. You get attracted to join in conversations and update your own timeline as well. Little have I noticed that I had so much plurk friends already whom I didn't know so much, even added "fans" so some people can view my updates. Sometimes, I use plurk to promote my blogs.

With all tha hulabaloos happening in my personal life, I decided to leave my other account to create a new one. Azrael said some people have been texting him, asking about my updates. Some people chat up with him to confirm or dwell into my blog posts or some worse, even spin up new stories about me. So I created a new account with like 10 friends, awhile ago Azrael buzzed me and said he received another text message about me.

I can't believe how people become so obsessed with gossip. I am not a celebrity and do not take pleasure in people discussing me. So, I have decided to leave Plurk - forever. I will continue to blog because I love to write but will never spread any more links or do blog promotions. If you don't like what I write then just go watch internet porn.

Sometimes, technology gets the better of us. I am going back to the normal way of life and hope for the best.

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