Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something happier

Drinking tea, chewing milky Portuguese egg tarts, and watching a foreign film right now. I still get those chilling episodes whenever I think of what happened these past few days and even what's happening now. But I decide now to focus on something that would make me happy.

I'll soon be coming home and could only wish that everything's going back to normal. Melbourne is lovely especially the cold weather but nothing beats my own room. My huge bed, the noisy electric fan, the bad TV signal, and the huge pillow I hug every night to sleep.

When I come back, if I may dream, I'd love to come home to a Jollibee breakfast of tapsilog with a hot mug of coffee. After eating, I'll go straight to my bed, roll, and sleep. Lunch will be served and I wish for boneless bangus or daing with Mang Tomas. Ooh I love where this post is going. After that, I'd catch up on local TV and for snacks, I might go to SM to buy burgers from McDonald's or spaghetti from Jollibee. Maybe catch a movie as well! I'll be so full by dinner time so maybe I'll just make my own hotdog sandwich. I'll also catch up on cable TV like Lifestyle Network and ETC.

Well, this has made me quiet happy! :)

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