Thursday, July 16, 2009

See me like this

Surprisingly, I feel like I am having the time of my life again. This year is just so great! I've always wanted to become a writer, journalists, and everything in between that. This week, I've interviewed 2 celebrities and each day had two or more events to attend to. It's like I am living the dream, except that no one is paying me for it :)

I was chatting with my sister Joni this afternoon and I always find myself explaining my current status. Some people are rather curious as to what I do for a living but I'd rather look at how I am living. Of course I've done interviews but I am still waiting for that one call. My partner told me I will get what I want and he is engulfed with luck so I choose to believe him.

This week, both of us won in one or more raffle draws - yey! My mom will surely enjoy reaping the prizes for her birthday. At this moment, life is being good.

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